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Technology for a consent-focused internet

The Internet. A beautiful, living collaboration made by billions sharing, writing, contributing, and finding joy in others’ knowledge. It is a vehicle to share our work, creativity, art, dreams, aspirations, thoughts, personalities (real and imagined), intimate moments, and summation of our lives to feel connected with other humans. However, this collaborative organism lacks a fundamental value: consent.

Introducing Privy Labs, a technology company building a more consent-focused internet, starting with our proprietary protocol, Privy Labs Protocol (PLP). Privy Labs Protocol (PLP) is a sophisticated, decentralized anti-piracy protocol designed to protect paywalled content. As a digital rights management system designed specifically for creators and the platforms that serve them, our anti-piracy framework puts privacy, safety, and control at the source of content, laying the groundwork for a proactive consent-focused internet ecosystem.

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