Systems Overview

An overview of the core technology behind PLP.

Core Systems

Utilizing our VAS (Virtual Account System), creators can anonymously and globally associate themselves with every piece of content they create, allowing people to establish ownership over works they’ve created under any pseudonym or username, maintaining their privacy, mystery, and artistic integrity.
Utilizing our CCTS (Content Certificate & Tracking System), creators can mark their and certify content as original through our unique watermarking and certificate issuance; the resulting effect is deterring content piracy and theft (as the question on who “owns” the work is available in the public domain), as well as reducing the time/effort asymmetry in verifying said work.
With our CVN (Content Verification System), we aim to offer creators greater control over where their content is shared and re-shared by utilizing affirmative domain permissioning. When this permissioning system is combined with our CCTS marking, it creates an irrefutable basis upon which to show or remove content per original publisher intent, fortifying legal standards like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and setting the stage for an internet where every piece of content is fully controlled end-to-end by creators themselves.

EVM Compatibility

As an EVM-compatible protocol, our technology can be used with the majority of leading level 1 smart contract networks (Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc) and infrastructure tooling (i.e. any EVM-compatible wallet like Metamask, Phantom, Rainbow, Trust, etc.) that are recognized by the Ethereum nodes, maintaining lower cost without sacrificing speed, flexibility, and reliability.