Core Primitives

As a blockchain-native protocol, we believe our team has identified a unique lens into resolving the issue of shared content misuse, leaks, and giving the user end-to-end control over media content. By leveraging the purest use-cases of blockchain technology, Privy can confer the following benefits:

  1. Privacy-preservation

    We designed our protocol with privacy in mind from the outset. Our goal is to offer any user the ability to anonymously or pseudonymously own their content as not all creators desire to have their legal identity or name attached to their content (for artistic purposes or otherwise). Protecting our user’s privacy and autonomy is core to any interaction they may take when interacting with PLP, thereby strengthening our reasons to use trustless blockchain technology in league with masking/anonymizing our user via a wallet address. We use account abstraction techniques to allow users to interact with PLP regardless of whether or not they have an existing wallet address.

  2. The ability to confer ownership i.e. copyrights on chain By utilizing blockchain, our protocol provides an immutable public ledger, a record of transactions that have occurred on chain. A Proof of Ownership is always attached to a piece of data using cryptographic functions, allowing our user to stake legal claim to their unique content via their wallet address and CID. Given the legal standard for digital copyright on creative content is to establish originality, creativity, and fixation (i.e. proof that an original work was created at a specific date/time and associated with an author), our on-chain certificate meets this threshold without revealing our users’ identity. This technique can be used by artists or businesses to certify the integrity, date of publication and ownership of their creations or contracts. Using tools like, our user can publicly access any transactions they’ve engaged in via the wallet address we’ve assigned to them.

  3. A trustless, decentralized, record & public record of provenance By leveraging blockchain technology, our users have full sovereignty over which content they submit to be added to the blockchain. Privy does not act as an arbiter or intermediary of which content gets added to the chain, emphasizing end-to-end trust. Additionally, the public has the full power to view and audit the record thereby allowing any institution to utilize the record as proof without our interference.

  4. Censorship-resistant & encrypted file storage By utilizing decentralized storage solutions, we take a novel approach to avoiding censorship and increasing reliability while maintaining privacy. Every piece of data is cryptographically hashed, resulting in a safe, unique content identifier: CID. We take additional obfuscation measures to ensure this CID cannot be reverse engineered to reveal the contents of the photo.

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