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3 Core Tenets

At Privy Labs, we believe in three core philosophical tenets. These philosophies guide our decision-making, team values, product direction, and internal/external communications.

The Right to Privacy.

We believe the right to privacy is a fundamental human right – to live without snooping eyes or Orwelian adversaries making judgment calls on you without your knowledge.

The Freedom of Self Expression.

We believe the freedom of self expression is at the core of advancing human creativity and technological progress; everyone should feel secure in themselves and their actions.

We believe that a consent-focused internet is a better internet. For too long, we’ve participated in an internet that rewarded the propagation of information without regard for how it may be destructive or adversarial to others; once information snowballs out of the hands of the individual, reliance on larger entities must occur. This cannot, and will not do.

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