Solution Overview

Privy Labs Protocol (PLP) is a sophisticated, decentralized anti-piracy protocol (PLP) designed to protect paywalled content. As a digital rights management system designed specifically for creators and the platforms that serve them, our anti-piracy framework puts privacy, safety, and control at the source of content.

We believe re-establishing content creators’ full control over their content can help prevent and deter serious issues of photo misuse and abuse such as piracy and catfishing/impersonation. Privy's protocol establishes and protects content rights with a public, verifiable, immutable certificate of ownership, yielding creators indisputable ownership, traceability, and protection for every single image created.

Our approach to design from the margins (for the most vulnerable of us) guided our decision to build a privacy-centric protocol, going above and beyond by using blockchain technology to ensure the accessibility of digital rights management solutions for all creators spanning the internet.

Our three systems, the Virtual Account System (VAS), the Content Tracing and Certificate System (CCTS), and Content Verification Network (CVN) work together to create an open environment for creators to continue to create, verify, trace, own, and permission their work in a controlled manner regardless of where they designate to share their work or what the actual content of the work entails. As a result, we lay the groundwork for an un-opinionated end-to-end creation, detection, and removal system – one that could take the current DMCA processing time from hours to minutes.

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