This technology has come to fruition in the form of our first consumer product, PrivyCam, the easiest way to protect paywalled content. PrivyCam is a secure camera application that gives content creators the power to create, secure, share, and remove their content from unwanted places.

By combining a Web2-esque experience with blockchain infrastructure, PrivyCam sits at the intersection between ownership, privacy, and sharing to provide a unique experience for digital content rights and management. Like Snapchat or Facetune, our camera is designed with creators in mind featuring cutting edge AR filters and editing tools. The UI is designed to fit seamlessly into the creator's existing creative process for a frictionless experience from beginning to end. Our frictionless approach extends to the sharing process as well as user’s have the ability to integrate the social media platforms of their choice (Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter) into our app, meaning creators can share across any existing social media or messaging platform whilst acting as a privacy and traceability proxy. Then, using our advanced watermarking system and machine learning detection, we can identify duplicate, altered, or unwanted images and escalate the content removal process for them.

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