Content Creators

The creator economy, valued at $100B, is one of the fastest growing consumer tech segments in the world. At the height of Web2, platforms that thrived on user generated content drove innovation on the monetization schema for content creators, formalizing what was previously an artistic hobby into a real opportunity for wealth creation on both sides of the creator marketplace.

According to a 2022 Signalfire Report, there are approximately 50 million content creators monetizing content today with platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Twitch leading the market. While 96% of those creators are considered amateur creators (not making content full time or lacking a following large enough to properly monetize), 4% are full-time creators with a broad audience reach, cross-platform engagement, and a broad suite of tooling to support their businesses.

Demand for content subscription products is only growing with 48% of Genz-Z indicating they would pay for subscriptions to internet personalities. Platforms have taken notice with more than 6 major social media companies launching creator subscription products in the last 2 years (Snapchat Premium, Twitter Subscribe (Blue), Instagram Subscribe, etc.).

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