Copyright - Originality, Creativity, & Fixation

Ownership via copyright is currently the best protection creators have against piracy. The legal standard for having a copyright on creative content is to establish originality, creativity, and fixation i.e. proof that an original work was created at a specific date/time and associated with an author. Copyrights are not required to be codified by a country’s governing body i.e. the U.S. Copyright Office nor is it required to file an official copyright certificate with the office in order for a copyright to be deemed valid.

In fact, informal processes i.e. “copylefts” have been used by artists for decades to meet copyright standards without legal assistance. Additionally, copyright laws are not universal; they differ from country to country as does the governing body in charge of legislating and enforcing the record of authorship.

As such, PLP’s trustless, decentralized recordkeeping via our Content Certificate & Tracking System (CCTS) to record the moment of originality, creativity, and fixation is the first building block to codifying creative ownership for all.

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