Social media platforms & creative marketplaces

Many market-leading user generated content platforms (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) have recently entered the subscription content space at the behest of savvy creators who want to monetize their content and at the behest of investors who want these social platforms to return profit.

While subscription platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon seem to be great solutions, they do little to prevent content from leaving their ecosystem as paywalls aren’t foolproof, and when they are bypassed by bad actors, it erodes platform credibility, creator trust, and the creator’s ability to effectively monetize their content.

Additionally, companies that foster the creative community, digital art, and design have exploded in the last year. Many have democratized the creation space by allowing creators and brand teams to rapidly create, remix, and share creative imagery, content, and templates i.e. Canva or Adobe. Others, like Unsplash and Pexels, have even democratized the artist marketplace by creating platforms for the public to easily access digital artwork under the creative commons license.

Trust & Safety teams have recognized the importance of aligning with creators to help them protect revenue, monetization, and attribution and are launching new tools to that effect.

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