Privy DAO

Currently, our team has centralized administrative operations and a traditional venture-capital backed financial model.

We believe in the ethos of Web3 that embraces community governance, peer review and feedback, shared ownership, and incentivizes group participation. We fully intend to seek gradual decentralization and community ownership as the project evolves.

In the spirit of creating a community-owned, governed, and operated protocol, we propose a Privy Labs DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). DAO members can consist of project investors, founders, project contributors (operators, providers, developers, hackers), creators, and community members. Membership in the PLP DAO may be determined by participation in any of the following incentives below in which the member is rewarded via Privy’s proprietary token PLP. Additionally, the DAO may disseminate governance tokens as a separate token class which confers additional privileges.

See our roadmap for more details.

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