Incentive Model

As the nature of web3 is global and borderless by philosophy and design, we strongly believe in the ability of a decentralized model to incentivize and reward positive behaviors in a global ecosystem. Consumer privacy limitations vary from country-to-country, and we assert that a protocol encouraging consent, control, and ownership will have an objective positive effect on the internet as a whole.

That global humans make up the internet is undeniable; so too must we create avenues for our scope of participation and development to reach that global community. We believe in global incentive models that have the potential to create positive externalities for the broader internet ecosystem – by creating a global mesh of publicly certified content attributed to their rightful owners and affirmatively permissioning content of all categories, we can bring the power of consent and consent-enabled applications to every human that has internet access.

Proposed Incentives

We believe a proper incentive model has the potential to create positive externalities such as increased human user verification (less effective malicious bots), increased trust between platforms and contributors, a better relationship between content origination and attribution, and faster remediation of non-consensual content.

Our proposed incentive model would reward users for the following activities:

  • Node functionality

    • IPFS node and node validators are rewarded for increasing the storage capacity dedicated for PLP-pinned content. Additionally, second and third-order effects include expanding our customer reach, lowering our cost model, and expanding the IPFS/Filecoin ecosystem, encouraging the usage of decentralized peer to peer storage systems.

  • Public computing & bounty

    • Community members that run public Privy nodes participate in decentralized domain detection utilizing public machine learning model weights; detection escalated successfully results in a network reward.

    • Community members are rewarded for manually reporting unverified or stolen content on a network or platform.

      • Note: Community members with this access are vetted through an application/reputation process in order to ensure the safety of all members and reduce bad actors who may be targeting a single creator or account.

      • Accepted community members are then given a non-transferable proprietary token that provides them access to this benefit.

  • Author authentication & verification

    • Creators are rewarded for participating in authentication activities to ensure their related identity on-chain is tied to a living human being, reducing the instances of bots and bad actors cluttering the system.

      • Note: For our user type, Zero Knowledge proof typing for KYC is of the utmost importance as we do not want to put the user’s real identification information in the position of being unmasked or revealed i.e. birthdate, location, home address, legal name.

  • Photo Securitization

    • Creators who use the Privy Labs Protocol to pin content to the system (via our PrivyCam app or otherwise) are rewarded for participating in securing their content; this is measured as a ratio of Privy content to non-Privy content on a given sampled public domain, further incentivizing the usage of protocol proxies to engage with non-protocol-conformant applications/domains.

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